Digital Dentures

The advancement of technology has brought some exciting changes to the world of dentistry.

CAD/CAM technology and 3-D precision printing are being applied to the fabrication of dentures.  This process allows the impression taken by a denturist to be scanned into a 3-D file, and then the denture created by a precision printer using a high density factory acrylic.

Benefits to you the patient:

  1. A digitally precise denture using a much denser and superb quality acrylic providing a much more exact fit.
  2. A decreased number of patient appointments.
  3. A shortened production time.
  4. A digital record of the denture on file, making duplicated dentures much simpler if needed in the future.

Steps to Creating Digital Dentures

  1. The denturist takes a physical impression of the bite, which is then scanned by a 3D scanner and converted into a digital file. When technology advances, a 3D intraoral camera will create the digital impression.
  2. Special denture design software is then used to create the customized details of the teeth (size, shape, shade) and a model is created and discussed with you. Once details are agreed upon, a trial denture is printed and tried in to verify all previous information is correct and to allow you to determine if the dentures are perfect.
  3. The approved denture is then fabricated and delivered on the next appointment.

We are staying on top of the changes and look forward to including Digital Dentures as part of our services to you as soon as we can.  Call us for a free consult or more information.