The TCDC Care Commitment

Since 1993, denture professionals at TransCanada Denture Clinic have been providing the utmost levels of care and satisfaction for patients throughout Calgary and its surrounding communities.  Located in NW Calgary, we have many long-standing patients across our city and region who prefer to revisit our clinic time and again due to our attention to detail, our steadfast commitment to quality, and our consummate work ethic.

At TransCanada Denture Clinic, we make certain that our patients fully understand their treatment options, and our recommendations are focused on their specific needs. This allows our patients to make informed decisions about the denture solution that will best suit their particular situation from a functionality standpoint as well as a financial perspective.

Our team understands how natural-looking teeth can strengthen the self-esteem and overall confidence of our patients. We strongly believe that teeth are essential to your health and that your well-being should not be compromised by the inability to enjoy the food you want.  We recognize the ability to eat the foods you want, to laugh and smile, and to participate in social and/or recreational activities are important aspects in enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle.

The ultimate driving force behind our commitment to help those who require dentures is delivering high quality products that will help you to your goals of:

  • Painless chewing/eating
  • Clearer/articulate speech
  • Expanded dietary options
  • Greater social confidence
  • Natural appearance/smile

TransCanada Denture Clinic offers a full suite of denture solutions that address any and all patient needs and circumstances. Our services include:

  • Implant Dentures: Dentures attached to permanent dental implants secured to the jaw
  • Complete Dentures: Entire upper and/or lower arches
  • Partial Dentures: Replace missing teeth that are complimentary to the remaining naturals
  • Immediate Dentures: Placed at the time of extractions of the natural teeth
  • Relines and Repairs: Refitting dentures to changing gums/tissues and other maintenance
  • Mouth & Night Guards: Designed to protect your tongue/teeth from injury
  • Teeth Whitening: Custom designed bleaching trays and commercial strength bleaching gel.

Recognized by Our Patients,
Proud of Our Profession

TransCanada Denture Clinic has been proud to accept the Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence for two consecutive years. We are truly grateful to our patients for the support extended to our dedicated staff and the confidence demonstrated in our products and services. We value this recognition, along with your referrals, as they are the sincerest compliments that we could receive.

We are extremely proud to represent our chosen profession and, as active members of the College of Alberta Denturists and the Denturist Association of Alberta, we willingly abide by all guidelines and regulations. Our patients and their families are encouraged to learn more about denturists and their practices by visiting and at their leisure.

Another source of gratification is our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Further information on how this rating is determined and achieved is available at: (

Our denture solutions can revitalize the choices of your diet, social calendar, and lifestyle activities that have been affected by ill-fitting dentures or missing natural teeth. Call TransCanada Denture Clinic today at 403-286-6595 or contact us to arrange for your complimentary consultation.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.