PROSStandard ComplexBPSImplant Retained RemovableImplant Retained Fixed
Esthetically replaces natural teeth
Provides ability to eat
Easy to clean
No surgery required (unless having naturals extracted)
5-7 appointments in 3-4 weeks, then done
Created using average jaw function measurements
Created using personal jaw function measurements
Premium quality teeth
Secure / stays in place, closest replacement to naturals
Open palate gives more taste sensors & food enjoyment
Ability to eat more variety of foods
More chewing power
Reduced or no pressure or sore spots
Better speech & pronunciation
Promotes bone health & can lessen bone resorption
CONSStandard ComplexBPSImplant Retained RemovableImplant Retained Fixed
Possible pressure & sore spots
Possible speech & pronunciation difficulty
More unstable and loose
Loss of taste & food enjoyment, possible food restrictions
Less chewing power
Regular maintenance & cleaning required
Surgery & healing time
Requires denturist removal for cleaning