Alberta Seniors Dental Program

Alberta Dental Services Corporation administers the Dental Assistance Program for Seniors. This plan covers basic services, with conditional frequencies and is paid out according to the Government of Alberta’s fee guide.  The amount of eligible coverage is calculated for Eligible Seniors based on their income, and they will receive annual correspondence from the Government regarding their coverage.

The following link provides more information about the program, forms for registering, fee guides of covered services and other details pertaining to Senior’s Dental and Other Benefits.

When you turn 65, your enrollment into the Seniors Dental Program is automatic, if all necessary paperwork is filled out.  After initial registration, your eligibility is updated every year when you file your taxes and your coverage is determined as a percent. Your percent of coverage is sent to you in a yearly coverage summary. The percentage payable is calculated on the government fee guide, which is usually not reflective of the treatment costs given by the practitioner.

Note: The Dental Assistance paperwork is automatically sent out 3 months prior to turning 65. If you do not receive it, you will have to call to request it. There is no automatic enrollment for any reason, without the paperwork completed.

TCDC will provide you treatment options and estimates for your insurance coverage.

Enrollment Reapplication

Your enrollment in the Seniors Dental Plan may be cancelled for the following reasons, and will require a reapplication process.  The approximate processing time is between 3-4 months.

  1. Moved and did not update address.
  2. Have resided less than 6 months in Canada.
  3. Have not filed yearly taxes.

To reapply, the following forms will need to be filled out and resubmitted. If there are any questions as to which forms, please call the provided number.

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